If you are reading this, I am sorry. Also, Hello.

This is my personal web-zone. I made it in an attempt to own a plot of internet land for the selfish purposes of posting things that I do for the world to view and criticize. While I don’t claim to be the best at making content, I will toot my own horn and say I am pretty well versed in a multitudeĀ of talents. Unfortunately, writing is one I am still improving upon.

Over on the menu, you can chose from a list of things that I create. Mostly Let’s Plays, Short Stories, Rants and a tad bit of art. I felt that having all of these things in one place really helps organize myself and keep me on track. Though I said the same thing about owning a calendar, and I can’t remember when the last time I even touched it was let alone where it is located at this moment.